Melting Snow and Your Home

It is that time of year when the snow starts to melt, and while it can often feel like a time to celebrate there could be trouble ahead. If you have a lot of snow piled on or around your home as the snow melts it could find its way inside and lead to potential mold issues. Here are some tips to help prevent damage to your home.

  1. Move the snow
    1. Move the snow that has accumulated near your foundation, windows, and doors away from your home. As the snow melts it could seep in through cracks. Also remember to shovel decks, driveways, or sidewalks that slope towards your home.
  2. Check those gutters and clean off your roof
    1. To help keep water run-off to a minimum consider hiring a professional that can clean off your roof
    2. Also make sure that your gutters are clean and that your downspouts have at least a 10ft run off
  3. Check those sump pumps!
    1. Make sure to check your sump pump regularly to ensure if water does try to flood your basement it will be taken care off quickly
    2. Also be sure to check your discharge pipe is clear and in working order
  4. Rearrange your basement
    1. In case water does get into your basement make sure to store valuables, chemicals, or anything else you’d like to keep dry up off the floor and on the top shelf.
  5. Check your appliances
    1. Clear out space around your water heater, furnace and other appliances. If possible, raising your washer and dryer off the floor could help protect from water damage.
  6. Don’t try to do too much
    1. Getting on ladders or your roof at any time of the year is a risky proposition, even more so when there is snow involved. Clearing snow and gutters is important in the prevention of water damage but be sure to use a professional to handle any dangerous situations.

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