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Insulation is one of the best home improvements that can deliver the largest financial savings, not only does insulation help regulate the temperature of your home, but it also helps increase energy savings, and help prevent moisture build up.

Why is insulation important?

Proper insulation has numerous benefits, including reduced energy costs, improved indoor air quality, and increased comfort levels. Without proper insulation, heat can escape during the winter and enter during the summer, leading to uncomfortable living conditions and high energy bills.

In addition, poor insulation can also contribute to moisture buildup, which can lead to mold growth and other health hazards. By investing in high-quality insulation, you can ensure that your building is energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe for occupants.

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What is R-Value For Insulation?

Insulation levels are specified by R-Value. R-Value is a measure of the insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. The higher the R-Value, the better the thermal performance of the insulation.

  1. In Massachusetts, the recommended insulation level for an attic is R49. This equates to 15-18 inches of insulation, depending on what materials are installed.

  2. Most Massachusetts homes have less than an attic R-Value of R19 (Under 6 inches). The homeowners we’ve worked with have experienced significant savings on their energy bills.

Boston, MA insulation removal services

Cellulose Insulation

At Aspen, we install cellulose insulation which is made up of 80% recycled newspaper and 20% fire retardant chemicals.

  • Cellulose is heavily treated with fire retardant chemicals prior to installation. Both are completely safe for you and your home.
  • Our trained experienced technicians can help diagnose any building performance issues such as mold growth in your attic during the time of service.
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Mass Save Home Insulation Rebate

To receive the Mass Save insulation credit, start with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment which will determine if your home can benefit from insulation and air sealing improvements. During your assessment, an Energy Specialist will evaluate your home for energy-saving opportunities and provide a custom home energy report outlining your recommended upgrades and any incentives you may qualify for.

Aspen Environmental partners with Mass Save to provide expert experience in energy loss solutions. Aspen also provides air sealing services under the mass save rebate and incentive program which can qualify a homeowner for a 75%-90% rebate.

Why Choose Aspen Environmental’s Insulation Division For Your Next Service

At Aspen, we pride ourselves on communication between our customers throughout the entire process. From start to finish our customers can expect to understand each step we take to ensure the result of a high-quality service.

Our technicians will leave your home cleaner than when we arrived. Aspen Environmental technicians wear shoe covers and all the proper personal protective equipment.

Aspen Environmental technicians are highly trained and certified in removing and installing insulation.

Aspen uses a state-of-the-art training facility so you can be confident they are well prepared to deliver a complete and quality service.

Aspen promises to provide a five-star service to every one of our customers.

New England Insulation Specialists

Andreana FosterAndreana Foster

Excellent customer service! Called Aspen at the recommendation of my HVAC service company. Response was quick, scheduling was even faster (they were here in 48 hrs!). The crew was professional, friendly, and prompt (they estimated they'd be here 3 hours - there are a LOT of vents in this place, were done in closer to 2.5), and pretty sure my home is a bit cleaner than Before they arrived 🙂 (they did a wonderful job cleaning up after)

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Laura O'DayLaura O'Day

While having our central AC replaced we found there was a leak that had likely been going on for months creating a significant amount of water damage & mold in the walls. Joel & Angel came in, removed all of the wet & moldy surfaces, and treated the areas thoroughly with safe treatments. They were kind, professional, on time, respectful. Everyone I have dealt with from the office staff to the technicians have been nothing short of wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend choosing them!!

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donna capanodonna capano

Aspen is absolutely wonderful! I called on a Monday for duct cleaning and they were here in 2 days! They did great work and they were extremely informative and knowledgeable. They are awesome and I would highly recommend them.

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Molly T.Molly T.

Friendly, responsive, great work! Everyone from Aspen Environmental that we dealt with was helpful through a stressful time. Read More

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