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The duration of the restoration process depends on the extent of the damage. Our experts will assess the situation and provide an estimated timeline.

Most insurance policies cover water damage and fire damage restoration. Our experts can assist with filing insurance claims and working with your insurance provider.

The Mass Save Program is an initiative of Massachusetts' utilities and energy efficiency service providers aimed at helping residents and businesses save energy and money. You can start by scheduling a free energy assessment by calling Aspen Environmental and speaking to our Mass Save tech who will enter you in our system and schedule for a free energy assessment.

(978) 681-5023

The Mass Save Program offers a variety of services, including free energy assessments, rebates and incentives for energy-efficient upgrades, and financing options for energy-efficient home improvements.

All Massachusetts residents and businesses are eligible for the Mass Save Program.

To participate in the Mass Save Program, you can start by scheduling a free energy assessment with a Mass Save Program participating energy specialist. They will identify energy-saving opportunities and provide you with recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades. Mass Save Program needs to call through Aspen Environmental Technician.

A Mass Save energy assessment is a free service that provides an evaluation of your home's energy use and identifies opportunities for energy-saving improvements.

During a Home Energy Assessment, a Mass Save Program energy specialist will come to your home and evaluate your energy use, looking for areas where you can save money by reducing your energy consumption. The specialist will provide you with a report that includes recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades and information about available incentives and rebates.

The Mass Save Program incentivizes a wide range of energy-efficient upgrades, including insulation, air sealing, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and more.

Participating in the Mass Save Program can help you save money on your energy bills, improve the comfort of your home or business, and reduce your carbon footprint.

There is no cost to participate in the Mass Save Program, but it may require a small investment. The energy assessments and many of the recommended energy-efficient upgrades are provided free of charge. However, some upgrades may require an investment, but the program offers incentives and financing options to help offset those costs.

The Mass Save Program is administered by Massachusetts' utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil.

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