Asbestos Testing Services in The Greater Boston Area

Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that was commonly used in building materials until the 1980s. Exposure to asbestos can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. If you suspect that your home or workplace may contain asbestos, it's crucial to get it tested as soon as possible. At Aspen Environmental, we offer professional asbestos testing services that will give you peace of mind and ensure the safety of your family and employees.

Asbestos is not considered dangerous until the fibers become airborne when disturbed or damaged by construction. This carcinogen can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

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Asbestos testing services in Boston, MA

What is Asbestos Testing?

Asbestos testing is the process of determining whether a material contains asbestos. It involves taking a sample of the material and analyzing it in a laboratory to identify the presence and type of asbestos fibers.

Asbestos can be found in many buildings built before 1980 because it was widely used for insulation, roofing materials and floor tiles until the 1970s due to its resistance to heat and fire. Asbestos was commonly used in construction materials such as insulation, roofing, flooring, and ceiling tiles. It may also be found in older appliances, such as toasters and hair dryers, and automotive parts, such as brakes and clutches.

In the Greater Boston Area, we have historic homes and buildings that were constructed during this time, so it is important to test for asbestos.

Approximately 90,000 people die from asbestos-related diseases globally each year

An estimated 125 million people worldwide remain at risk of occupational exposure to asbestos

Our process for asbestos testing

Samples are taken from various materials (such as insulation and ceiling tiles) within your home or business

The samples are then sent to an asbestos lab for analysis

The lab will then report back to you with the results

If asbestos is found, a professional company can remove it safely

If asbestos is present, it means that you should have your building checked by an expert so that proper removal protocols can be put in place before any issues arise from exposure—or worse yet, a fire occurs because of neglected maintenance.

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Professional Asbestos Testing in The Greater Boston Area

Laura O'DayLaura O'Day

While having our central AC replaced we found there was a leak that had likely been going on for months creating a significant amount of water damage & mold in the walls. Joel & Angel came in, removed all of the wet & moldy surfaces, and treated the areas thoroughly with safe treatments. They were kind, professional, on time, respectful. Everyone I have dealt with from the office staff to the technicians have been nothing short of wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend choosing them!!

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Molly T.Molly T.

Friendly, responsive, great work! Everyone from Aspen Environmental that we dealt with was helpful through a stressful time. Read More

Carly GibbardCarly Gibbard

Daniel was amazing! Called me back and came right over for my EMERGENCY! I feel so much better with his help and knowledge. 100/100 would recommend if you need an estimate, or a mold test! still waiting on lab results, but for right now I feel safe. ASPEN ASPEN ASPEN!!

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Tim GreerTim Greer

It's a pleasure to work with a company that prioritizes customer service and quality. James from Aspen handled the project at my house. From responding to my initial request for a quote, to the inspection and quoting (he came out on a Saturday to ensure my request was handled quickly), through to the conclusion of the work he and his team were top notch. They were exceedingly professional, always quick and on the spot with my concerns and questions, and thorough. Really can't say enough about these guys. 10/10

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New England Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing should be conducted by qualified professionals, such as licensed asbestos inspectors or industrial hygienists. These professionals have the training and expertise to identify and safely handle asbestos-containing materials. As IICRC certified technicians, Aspen Environmental provides professional asbestos testing for homeowners and commercial properties in Boston and the surrounding New England area.

To learn more about how Aspen Environmental can help with asbestos testing, contact us at (978) 681-5023.

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