How to Deal with Mold at Home


We have heard many horror stories about mold invasions in homes. We have imagined mold as monsters taking over furniture and important goods at home. If it is fear that we see in movies, it is stress that men and women have when dealing with mold in reality. And, there are several health risks that anyone can be in if this problem is not handled well.

The climax of the mold horror scene at home is expounded during the mold remediation process. This is where mold should figure out the plot against its terror. And, it should never stand a chance.

So, in reliving your reality with mold after hearing those stories, you should know well on how to defeat the villain in your home. Mold remediation experts share several ways on how to handle mold issues in your home.


In places where humidity is over sixty percent like your basement, bathroom and kitchen, mold is suitable to grow. Mold can also grow in your refrigerators and wine cellars. Even your leather articles can also grow mold and you will just soon realize that your fine leather belt could be divided into two because of the mold. Mold is just such a monster in creating these havocs in your homes.

The worst part of mold devastation is in relation to your health. Mold causes allergic reactions to people who have been in contact with it. Those with low immunity are most susceptible to this.

Mold elimination can be as essential as preventing mold growth. When apply soap and water on a mold, it can somehow eliminate mold. But this mixture cannot go in deeper surfaces where mold growth really takes place. Soap and water alone is very mild to disinfect surfaces.


For the removal of toxic black mold, chlorine bleach can be used. The mixture is composed of one cup of bleach and one gallon of water. It is best to put this solution in a spray.

Another home solution is composed of water and vinegar. The mixture can be used to remove mold in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

However, for leather materials that you cannot use a harsh chemical on, you may need to rub alcohol on the surface where there is mold growth. But, there is a natural way of removing mold that is considered the safest—sunlight. It is free from nature and we should make use of it from time to time. Place your mold-soiled items under the sun to have the mold destroyed.

Mold removal experts are suggesting that you keep a room closed when doing mold remediation there. The rationale for this is to keep mold away from infecting other rooms while it is being eradicated. And, keep the area disinfected before moving on to the next.

You will be exposed to mold if you will be doing the mold remediation on your own. So, before doing any mold remediation at home, you should protect yourself by using gears like gloves, masks and goggles. And, remove unnecessary materials present in the area where there is mold growth.

However, if the mold problem is too much to handle, you can call Aspen Environmental Services specialists to examine the gravity of mold inside your home. Aspen recommends having mold removed by professionals who can get rid of the problem completely and prevent it from coming back—for the safety of you and the ones you love.

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