Happy Spring!


Aspen Environmental Services would like to provide these handy tips for spring cleaning your commercial business.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Business

Spring can signal many things for your commercial business, but among the most important is making sure that your facilities are clean and well-maintained for the warmer months of the year. Whether you need air filtration systems checked, equipment cleaned or flooring replaced, spring is the best time of year to give your facility a much-needed spring cleaning. Check out our five most helpful tips for spring cleaning your commercial business this season.

Get Equipment Systems and Levels CheckedOne of the first important aspects of a spring cleaning for your commercial business is getting the systems and levels of your machinery checked. Making sure that your equipment is well lubricated and free of corrosion and rust is crucial to keeping your facility running at its best. Among the many types of systems you should have checked include:

  • Coolant concentration tanks
  • Machine oil and lubrication
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Mist collectors

Remove Built-up Dirt, Gunk and Grime The winter months can be harsh on any area of a facility or commercial business, so it is especially important to utilize the spring season to clean gunk and grime off of floors, surfaces and equipment. An environmentally-friendly, powerful and effective method of cleaning stubborn dirt off of surfaces and machinery is dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting uses the high-speed acceleration of solid carbon dioxide pellets to quickly and safely remove rust, residue and caked-on substances from a wide variety of surfaces.

Stop and Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth


Spring is the perfect time to check for and remove mold and mildew growth in areas of your facility where extra moisture is present. Mold can lead to allergies, health problems and can hinder the overall health and safety of guests and employees at your business. Several ways to check for mold growth include:

  • Inspecting dark and damp areas of your facility
  • Checking air vents and ventilation systems
  • Looking behind and above equipment
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Repair Damaged Flooring and Surfaces

Salt, dirt and debris can wreak havoc on flooring during colder months, resulting in scratched, scuffed and damaged tile, hardwood and linoleum floors. To improve the look of your commercial business and keep the appearance of your flooring at its best, clean and treat floors with a sealant during the spring. Replacing salt-stained and crusted carpet will also help to improve the look of your business or facility.

With spring allergies on the rise, clean and functioning air filtration systems are especially important to the health and safety of employees and customers at your facility. By taking the time to clean your HVAC systems, you will prevent airborne illnesses and allergens from affecting the productivity of your work environment. If you have experienced smoke damage in the past, it is especially important to find a quality industrial cleaning company to reduce the effects of smoke on air quality in your facility.

Source: Michigan Quality Industrial Services

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