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Mold Solutions for Realtors and Real Estate Professionals

Realtors and real estate professionals are being faced with the home mold removal issue on a daily basis. In this market you need cutting-edge information to succeed. Let us take the mystery out of the mold issue for you and your clients.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

There are several ways to deal with home mold detection after you discover it in a client’s home. We give you the ones that will keep mold from coming back and leave the home as if it were brand new. We don’t just cover up a problem, we solve the problem of mold remediation in homes. All our products are designed and formulated to be environmentally safe. We use natural enzyme biowashes and biocide for removing mold from homes and destroying mold the natural way. Then we apply a safe fungicide protectant to insure mold won’t grow back. This is very important when your clients are calling you to list their home in the future. Call us for more details.

FREE Office Presentation

Aspen Environmental Services will come to your office for presentations specifically designed to educate you and your staff in all aspects of the mold issue. We will walk you through examples of mold problems from discovery during home mold inspections, to a complete home mold remediation and restoration of the home’s indoor air quality. We will simplify the whole process so you and your clients can be assured that the homes your clients are buying will be environmentally safe on move-in day and in the future. We also will explain what remediation techniques are the most effective and beneficial to your clients.

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