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Duct Cleaning


Aspen Environmental Services is a proud member of NADCA. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association formed in 1989 as a nonprofit association of companies engaged in the cleaning of HVAC systems. NADCA’s mission is to promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning duct work and to establish industry standards along with a code of ethics.

The Aspen complete vent cleaning package uses a system that simultaneously scrapes contaminants and debris while vacuuming ducts at the point of contact. This source removal process ensures that the most effective job of cleaning the ducts is being done. Aspen not only cleans the vents and returns but also the trunk lines where 75% of contaminants are in an HVAC system.

At Aspen Environmental, we believe air duct cleaning is one of the healthiest choices a homeowner can make for both the quality of life of people in the home as well as the HVAC system itself. Duct work is shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants that have the potential to affect health such as mold, fungi, bacteria and dust. The removal of this material should be considered as a key component in an overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

Research has also shown that HVAC cleaning may allow systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components. Clean efficient systems are less likely to break down, have a longer life span and generally operate more effectively than dirty systems. This process done every two to three years will ensure the maximum health and efficiency of your HVAC system.

Aspen Environmental is not just a vent and duct cleaning service. We are an industry leader in the field of mold remediation. To that end, Aspen can add an additional component to the duct cleaning service. Antimicrobial chemicals can be added to the system after it has been thoroughly cleaned. The chemicals are antimicrobials registered with the EPA specifically for use in HVAC systems. The use of antimicrobial chemicals are an additional service, not part of a typical air duct cleaning but used by Aspen in our mold remediation projects.

How do I choose the Right Vent Cleaning Contractor?

  • NADCA Members provide a higher level of assurance to consumers.
  • Does the vent cleaning specialist use the highest of quality in negative air machines with HEPA filtration?
  • Is the HVAC service provider giving you a guaranteed price?
  • Can the vent duct cleaning team show proof of NADCA membership and certification?
  • How long has the company been in the HVAC system cleaning business?
  • Will you be provided with customer references?
  • Will the technician provide you with the means to conduct a visual inspection at any time during the vent cleaning?

Should I clean my dryer vent? The importance of dryer vent cleaning.

According to the US Product Safety Commission, clothes dryers with poorly maintained exhaust systems are associated with fires resulting in death and injury. Other important reasons for cleaning dryer:

  • Too much energy consumption
  • Additional drying time
  • Poor moisture removal
  • Increased wear and tear on dryer
  • Reduces animal nesting
  • Performed on a proactive basis, dryer vent cleaning and/or inspections promote safety, good efficiency practices, and peace of mind.

How much time does it take for air duct cleaning in home?

Air duct cleaning in the typical single family home’s air duct system takes between 2-4 hours to clean. Newer homes, town homes and condominiums may take less time to clean.